LisekTeatr Wielki w Łodzi/Łódź Grand Theatre

"Work done for the Wrocław Puppet Theatre"


"Wrocław Gnomes" premiered in 2008
directed by J. Radomski, designs by Maria Balcerek.

'Wrocław Legends" premiered in 2008
directed by J.Frymet, designs by Maria Balcerek

'The Most Beautiful Fairytales' premiered in 2009
This show brought together several fairytales: "Puss in Boots", "Sleeping Beauty", "Cinderella","Little Red Riding Hood".
directed by M. Derlatka designs by Maria Balcerek

These shows featured several dozen marionettes and puppets ranging from 50 to 80 cm in size.
I made eyes for all of them, and applied the final make-up for most.
I also created a series of puppets in imitation stonework, which are on display today in the Wrocław Town Hall.