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The moment when a puppet receives its eyes is nothing short of magical. The silicone cast comes to life, and gains character. Believe it or not, that's how it is!

I make all sorts of eyeballs for use in building puppets. I am capable of making any colour, kind, and size. I have worked out my own special technique, which gives the eyes a three-dimensional depth. They are entirely hand-made, with unique colours and patterns.
I can make wholly realistic human and animal eyeballs, as well as magical, fantasy eyes for use with fictional creatures.

The smallest eyeball I have ever made was 2,5 mm in radius and belonged to Duck from Peter and the Wolf. The largest belonged to a giant mechanical owl appearing in a children's film, and had a 28 cm radius.

If you are in need of eyes for your project, please contact me at sylwia@sylwiapuppets.com