"A Wet Tale"

Prod. 2006

Directed by Wojciech Gierłowski
Designs by Maria Balcerek

On this film I was the co-creator of the set and five puppets.

The story is based on ancient Slavic beliefs and traditions linked to Easter and Dyngus Day. The hero, a young boy named Jaś, falls asleep while contemplating the Dyngus tradition of throwing buckets of water at people. In his dream he finds himself in the underwater world of a lake. There, he meets two magical creatures: a Wodnik and a Frog. They show him their kingdom. Jaś learns the ancient legends that explain such phenomena as water, rain, snow, and the rainbow.

The crew for this film was a particularly small group of people, and it is worth noting that every character that appears in it is modeled after one of the authors. The little curly, red-headed girl is my own counterpart.