"The Greatest Quarrel"

An episode from the "Tales from the Kingdom of Lailonia" series

Prod. 1999

Directed by Zbigniew Kotecki

Designs: Maria Balcerek

The story speaks about three brothrs, Acho, Eino i Laje, who have lost their inherited property in a game of dice and must travel the world in search of work.

The artistic design of the film was based on Dutch paintings, in particular the works of Pieter Bruegel- this is best visible in the wide range of very characteristic faces that appear on screen.

The puppets were made from latex foam, and my task was to sew the wigs and paint the faces. Although the puppet heads were very small, their wigs were made using the professional wigmaker's technique of threading small bunches of natural hair through a fine nylon netting. On the other hand, the beards, mustaches and eyebrows of the puppets were made by placing each hair individually into the soft latex.

I also worked on building the set for the film. This job was my first gained experience on a professional stop-motion film set.