The Wolf

Sylwia Nowak is the craftsmistress behind countless puppets and props for stop-motion animated films and theatre productions.

Her specialty and trade secret are the handmade, amazingly lifelike eyes, as well as her meticulous technique of blending fur fabrics for the puppets' pelts and hairpieces.

She made the Wolf and remaining puppet cast of the 2008 Academy Award® Winner of Best Animated Short Film, “Peter and the Wolf”.

"As luck would have it (and whether it was good or bad, I couldn't say), the deadline was unexpectedly changed to "Immediately!".

The Wolf's head prototype in 1:3 scale had to materialise instantly. So, materialise it did: in all of one day and one sleepless night's hard work.

The result surprised everyone, myself most of all.

The Wolf is my favourite puppet. I think it may be the nicest one I have ever made. I wonder if I will ever have the opportunity to top it?"